Experienced Player Sample Practice Plan

Sample Listing of Drills for Experienced Players
 Skill  Drill/Technique
 QB Cycle Drill
  • Shooting From The Knees
  • Drop Back
  • Concepts
  • Half-Turn Fake
  • Wrist Fake
 Shooting  Foot & Hand Position
   Time & Room
   Shooting On The Run
   Swat The Fly
   Point and Release
 Dodging  Introduction To Split Dodge 
   Rocker Dodge
   Pitter Patter Dodge
 Goosing Ground Balls
   Raking Ground Balls
 Ladder Drills
  • One Foot Each Square
  • Two Feet Each Square
  • Sciccors
  • Cha Cha
  • Single/Double Icky
   Cone Drills

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